HV DiMeter Systems

Equipment for high voltage testing of piezoelectric and dielectric materials and devices


  • Comparative assessment of materials and devices
  • Quality control in manufacture
  • Research and development


  • All systems directly measure capacitance and tan δ at high drive voltage
  • Direct reading for almost any shape and size
  • Stand-alone or PC driven operation
  • Suited to all types of materials


HV DiMeter



HV Electronics Unit

High Voltage Testing

For high power transducers, amplified load and transducer efficiency are all important. The Piezotest HV DiMeter Systems provides a direct means of testing capacitance and dielectric loss over a wide range of electrical fields. The system is capable of delivering from 100 V to 3500 V into a wide range of capacitive or resistive loads. The test frequency range is from 300Hz to 3kHz. Good accuracy is provided on samples from 100pF to 3000pF.


HV Safety Enclosure


All systems include a safety enclosure and clamping unit, which grips the sample under test and provides shielding to protect the user and prevent undesirable RF emissions in the event of arcing. A full interlock mechanism exists, making it impossible to access the test electrodes while the power is applied. An all-round polycarbonate shield protects against debris which may be produced when a sample shatters due to overheating.

PC or Stand-alone Operation

As with most Piezotest instrumentation products, the HV DiMeter system includes a microprocessor subsystem. This offers the ability to provide a printout of measurements, when used with a standard computer printer. A statistical analysis of a set of data - such as a batch of elements - may be carried out.  There is also a facility to store up to one hundred measurements for a later recall and analysis.

Use of digital signal processor (DSP) technology yields rapid response times for all readings, as well as improved reliability and rapid calibration and setup procedures.

The unit may be interfaced to a computer system for further processing of results. This is achieved using a RS-232C communications link, present on almost all computers.  A simple command set used via this link gives complete remote control of the HV DiMeter, including the setting of the measurement range and test frequency.

This information is currently being updated - Please contact us for the latest specifications.