dh PiezoMeter Systems

Test system for direct, hydrostatic measurement of piezoelectric materials and devices


  • Low-frequency testing of materials and transducers.
  • Equally Applicable in research and development or production environment


  • Direct measurement of dh, gh and sensitivity.
  • Also measures capacitance and dielectric loss
  • PC driven operation
  • Suited to most devices with metallised electrodes or wire terminals
dh PiezoMeter Pressure Head
dh Pressure Head Inside

How it works

The dh PiezoMeter uses a pressure vessel to completely surround the device under test. Low-frequency air pressure is used to act upon the sample, and charge is collected on the internal terminals. Accurate readings are given for dh, gh, and sensitivity. The computer display confirms dh as pC/N, in the same way that the standard PiezoMeter displays readings for d33 and g33. The sensitivity is given as dB relative to 1V/uPa, the standard form required for most transducer specifications.

Why use a dh PiezoMeter?

The test is fast, efficient and accurate.

It gives more consistent results than test devices based on static pressure, but is still immune to most resonance effects due to its low frequency operation. For most materials, high accuracy can be obtained for samples with an electroded area of one square centimetre or greater.

dh Test System (hydrostatic)


PM300H Multi - range with capacitance and dielectric loss PM300H-Specification.pdf

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