Piezoelectric Materials and Device Testing

piezotest.com is the web presence for Piezotest, an electronics company focused on instrumentation products for the piezoelectric and ferroelectric industries. The piezo meter systems shown here test key parameters such as d33, capacitance and dielectric loss. The method is applicable to piezo-ceramics, polymers, composites, thin film and crystalline materials. Customers include materials manufacturers, device manufacturers and research establishments, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Unlike some alternative d33 meter systems, our PiezoMeter systems give direct front panel reading of d33 – no additional processing or measurement equipment is needed. Options are available for directly measuring d31, d15, dh, capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. One can measure derived constants such as g33, g31, gh directly when integrating our PM300 system with a standard Windows PC. Beyond the standard product range, our engineers can also undertake custom electronics and software design work, allowing specialised applications and full test system integration with a production environment.

Unique within the industry, we now have options to display parameters such as sample clamping force displayed in real time. This means highly repeatable measurements even for very soft or delicate devices or for piezoelectric thin films.

A variety of information for most products and services is available on this web site, including specification sheets and other technical information. For pricing and delivery information, please contact the appropriate sales office via the e-mail or telephone / fax numbers on the ‘contact’ page.

Web site last updated: 02 March 2018.

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